Saturday, September 6, 2014

INSEAD welcomes Partners of 15J

Monday, the 25th of Aug, after finishing all my morning chores and feeding my little bunny boy his breakfast, I strap him on and make my way to the campus. The weather was dreary – reminded me of those grey rainy days in the UK. But thankfully, the walk wasn’t too long.

I ask for the partners’ registration desk and go straight there. The first task was to collect my badge for which I apparently had to submit a photo and my details online. Given my crazy schedule for the last few weeks, I had completely forgotten about it.  So my badge wasn’t ready at that desk. But it was no deal breaker – I was asked to visit the career services office to get my photo taken and get my badge done on the spot – which I thought was very cool. I was also handed a bunch of pamphlets – about the Fontainebleau chateau, the forest, the town and of course, the partners’ schedule for the orientation week.

We’d received the schedule by email and on FB as well. Most events had the comment I hated to see – “Children not advised”. But anyway, I signed up for the rest which included the chateau tour, baby music class and wine tasting (though I don’t drink  – signed up just to meet other partners and enjoy the cheese).

I also attended the official welcome session for the partners which was organised by the previous batch – 14D and the school staff. The session was ok - mainly about getting around in Fonty, the family room and a list of events and clubs partners can participate in during those 10months. I personally would have liked to hear two or three of them share their personal experiences but I figured, I’ll probably just ask them one on one.  So yes, the session had some good information but I wish it had an element of fun as well.

After the information session, we got to enjoy some tea and macaroons in the restaurant. We were there for about 45 mins before we left for home as our little boy was really tired and sleepy.

All in all a good day. Informational.

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