Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Je ne comprends pas français"

Its day three and I decide to walk down to Monoprix, a big supermarket in the town centre. I had to pick up some essentials while I waited for Carrefour’s delivery the next day.

It’s the M&S equivalent for this town-which means you can’t really do your regular groceries here - not when you are living on a tight student budget. Sorry, I digress.

Before leaving, I anticipate most things that could go wrong (like losing my way, unable to unlock the door..) and phrases I may have to use therein. I jot them down along with the pronunciation. The one I wrote I bold and practised several times before I left was “Je ne comprends pas français ” – “I don’t understand French”! With that off I go, feeling pretty good and confident J

The walk was shorter than I thought it would be. It was beautiful. Lovely old houses with pretty flowers in pots hung outside on the window sill. People wishing and smiling as they walk past by. I loved Rue les Sablons – cobbled street lined with cute boutiques and cafés – fits perfectly my imagination of a small French town J

Trip to the supermarket went pretty smoothly. Got all that I needed.

And at checkout, completely foreign sounding words came right at me!! Which only meant one thing....It was time!! Time to use my very first French phrase!

I say – “Je ne comprends pas français ”!

Felt such a sense of accomplishment, especially when she responded in English – “Bag?” – which meant she actually understood my French :D

Felt upbeat as I walked back… more motivated than ever to learn this beautiful language.

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