Thursday, June 11, 2015

Feb '15 to June'15 - What kept the INSEAD spouses and partners busy

Spring in Fonty is absolutely gorgeous! Lush green, mostly sunny days, cool spring breeze, smell of freshly cut grass and oh! those colourful flowers. It's that time of the year when you want to start getting out of your home and the lush surroundings within and around the town won't disappoint.

So as you can imagine, it's a perfect time for picnics! There are two-three picnic spots in Fonty. One at the entrance to the forest right behind the INSEAD campus and the other in Le Parc behind the chateau. For those with kids, there is a playground in the park which is a perfect spot to spend a few hours with the little ones.

Walks in the forest behind the campus and le parc behind the chateau were something we did quite often and some partners also visited near by towns. I was away for two weeks in March and Apr-May, so couldn't participate in a lot of those activities but as you can see in the photos below, my friends had great time! There is also a great spot for horse riding, tree climbing and zip lining. So yes! Plenty to do outdoors when the weather is nice and bright :)

Besides the picnics and sightseeing, there were:

Knowledge Exchange Sessions - as mentioned in my earlier posts, the objective of these sessions is to share your experience, knowledge, interests and learn from each other. Over the last three months, we've had four talks - basics of psychology, language and the brain - how it works, dementia - why, how and what can we do to help and finally a session on raising international kids introducing the concept of third culture kids (TCK). As you can imagine, it was super interesting and so refreshing to learn something new in an environment which is so diverse and safe.

English Classes - One of the partners took this fantastic initiative - to run weekly language classes for non-native speakers where she facilitates discussions around various topics (very interesting ones) to help learn and practice better. 

Bracelet Making Class - One of the partners hosted a bracelet making session. I missed it because of my little boy but what a great idea!

Sports - Some partners also met on a regular basis to play squash, badminton and volleyball

Student Club Activities: I got an opportunity to meet Sandrine Henton from the Educate Global Fund (Impact Investment in Education). It was a part of the Social Entrepreneurship in Residence program and a group of us had a meeting with her to understand more about the fund and how it works. It was something completely new to me.. so interesting indeed. We also had a Women in Business club event to discus Women's role in leadership, community and society. I got to meet several students and they were so welcoming to the partners. Felt like a part of the INSEAD community :)

National Weeks - there's been the Dragon Week, Lebanese Week, Brazilian Week and Low-lands weeks (which is the last one for the Js :( ). I attended the Brazilian week dinner and it was amazing. The music, dance and atmosphere was so vibrant!! 

So I guess this is my last post about Fonty Partners' Activities. Just one more month to go in Fonty! I can't believe how quickly time has flown by. The next few weeks is going to be all about packing, winding up and good byes :( . I am going to miss this place.. but I can't wait for the next adventure! 

Let's see where life takes us next.... 

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